Band Bios

MIC-13-ICON 250

Gary Bresee » Guitar & Vocals

Gary’s introduction to music began when he started learning classical guitar at age 10. In his teenage years he went through his folk singer phase, traded his classical for an acoustic and thought he was Bob Dylan, then Neil Young for a while. But when he finally got his hands on his first electric guitar, he never looked back.

Highway 13 gives him the perfect opportunity to play his favorite classic rock songs, and even sing a few of his favorite Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes. He is happy playing either lead or rhythm guitar, and has a passion for R&B, funk, blues, classic soul and reggae. In weaker moments, he has been caught listening to contemporary pop music—but if you ask him, he will deny it.

MIC-13-ICON 250

Maria Cypher » Lead Vocals

Maria Cypher has been singing with Highway 13 since the get-go, which has given her the amazing opportunity to sing everything from disco to R&B to singer-songwriter ballads. Maria takes pride in capturing the vocal nuances of each genre and each singer, and is known for her versatility. A child of the 70s and 80s, she is a huge classic rock and pop fan, who also has a passion for jam bands, roots rock, and folk-Americana.

Outside of Highway 13, Maria is a mom of 3 girls and a partner and creative director with a leading branding firm. She also loves finger-pickin’ (and singing) Brandi Carlile tunes in quiet moments at home.

MIC-13-ICON 250

Susanna Gordon » Vocals

Susanna got started singing in her church choir as a kid, and continued to sing classical music as a soprano in the Cornell University Chorus and the University Chorus at UC Berkeley. She then made a foray into opera, joining the chorus of the Berkeley Contemporary Opera for performances of Stravinsky’s “The Rake’s Progress” and Benjamin Britten’s “Death in Venice,” among others.

She spent several years after that singing international folk music with the Westwind International Folk Ensemble, where she learned to sing in the Balkan style. She is now having an amazing time singing rock music with Highway 13. Susanna is also a wife, mom of 2, and researcher at a national laboratory.

MIC-13-ICON 250

Wendi Gosliner » Vocals & Saxophone

Wendi is a lifelong music lover. She’s always been a sucker for a beautiful harmony… and, admittedly, for a catchy pop tune! Depending upon her mood and present company, you may find her listening to alternative, folk, jazz, Latin, classic rock or pop tunes.

In her youth, Wendi played the piano, clarinet, and saxophone. Now, when she’s not jamming with Highway 13, she’s either spending time with her husband and two children or working to figure out ways to make it easier for people to eat well, be active, and healthy.


Matthew Levett » Drums & Vocals

Matthew just loves to bang on the drums.  He also played piano as a kid and sang in an a capella group in college.

Matthew grew up on classic rock, soul, and disco, and has an abiding lifetime love for funk.  He played drums in a college band, aptly named “Bad Voltage,” which helped expand his tastes to include the harder edges of punk, metal, and hip-hop.  Steely Dan figured prominently in his early vinyl collection, while current favorites include Sleater Kinney and the Arctic Monkeys.

When he is not making loud noises with his friends, Matthew is a father, a triathlete, and an attorney.


Michael Lonsdale » Guitar & Vocals

Michael Lonsdale, self-taught guitarist in his early years advanced his playing by working with local musicians and singers.  He started out very young attending rock shows at Winterland and The Fillmore, catching The Doors at Berkeley Community Theatre and The Grateful Dead at Golden Gate Park.  He enjoys a range of music from the country rock of the Eagles to the psychedelic sound of The Grateful Dead to Radiohead and singer/songwriter Amos Lee.  Michael enjoys playing rhythm guitar and the freedom and creativity of improvised leads and even sings out a song if the mood hits him right.

Between playing Michael loves spending time with his wife Marianne and son Nick.  Michael manages the construction business that he has owned and operated for over 24 years.

Charlie Cypher » Bass

Charlie’s musical tastes were influenced by his older brother, who played Yes and Led Zeppelin so loudly that Charlie could hear it through the walls. Later on, his brother would give him ELO and Joe Jackson albums for birthdays. Saturday Night Fever was influential in middle school and Talking Heads in high school. Charlie started and quickly gave up on a number of instruments in childhood, but inspired by Maria, he picked up the bass in his early 40s.

Like Mathew, Charlie is a father, triathlete and an attorney. Sometimes, he is a triathlete with Matthew.